Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 14 - Can I T&E this trip now?

Today we slept. Breakfast didn't even enter our minds. We had accomplished just about everything we had set out to do in Japan and for the first time we could sit and not move. Today we were going to take it easy.

My company has an office in Tokyo, I looked them up before I left, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to go out to some local place for lunch. We brought them some stuff from America, including a bottle of maple syrup (a hit with the guy's wife), Easter candy, and some oatmeal cream pies. Between the time we left for lunch and came back everyone had already started to dig into the foreign treats.

When they asked us if we had eaten yet our eyes lit up, "No! We have not but we wanted to!" "Great! Let's go!" was their response. Down the street we went to what is for them a plain old local lunch joint, but to us it was a great final meal to have in Japan.

After two weeks we're still happy. A bit tired, but put good food in front of us and we'll be happy campers.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and started to pack. Not long after we began we both fell asleep. Gasp! A nap! We awoke sometime after dark and decided to head to Odaiba for one last night out.

A view of the big ferris wheel taken from a window on the Yurikamome. Being that it was late we had one destination in mind to end our trip on.

Sega Joypolis.

It's a 3 floor VR arcade. Think sit down virtual reality motion rides, racing games where you sit in a full size mock up of a real car, shooting games that have you spinning in all sorts of angles, and rides. It's also where we got a chance to try this thing out

Storm-G. Little did we know that the game was released only a week or two before we arrived. It's a sit down arcade future bobsled racer where the entire sit down cabinet spins 360 degrees with the action on screen. It was a blast.

There are also prize games and ufo catchers. I won this little thing in a shooting range game, shoot enough pellets into the paper holding it up and it will drop onto a conveyor belt.

We spent a few hours here with the unlimited night pass. We were also one of the last people in the place. After it closed we headed back to our hotel for our final sleep in Tokyo.

Day 15

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