Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 12 - Zed.

Another early morning. By now we knew the routine. We wake up, eat breakfast at Hotel Edoya, get changed, and head right back out. This is what we did. With sleep and rest only getting in the way of seeing Tokyo we were back on the trains and off to our next location.

Tokyo Disney. We'd be skipping Tokyo Disneyland though, we've seen that here in the USA enough times. We decided to go to the park unique to Japan, Tokyo Disney Sea. To get there we took the train from Tokyo to Mahima station, about 20 or so minutes outside of Tokyo proper. Once there you get on the monorail and take it to the park of your choice. Warning! They charge you for the monorail. Just take it, don't bother trying to walk. We did, was a mistake, ended up simply wasting time and taking the monorail anyway.

Disney Sea is a theme park based on a nautical theme. Greeting you just beyond the ticket counter is the big spinning globe, a very popular photo stop.

We happened to be there during the 25th year celebration. All around the park were special themed souvenirs for this event.

Disney Sea is focused around a large lake with a mountain visible pretty much anywhere in the park.

The main entrance way also doubles as the Disney Sea Hotel MiraCosta.

Word of advice about Disney: get there early. The lines will break your soul. The line for the Indiana Jones ride was over three hours long.

Another word of advice: use the single rider lines when you can. We didn't care about sitting next to each other so instead of the three plus hour wait on Indy we jumped into the single rider line and instead waited about 4 minutes. They also have a free Fastpass reservation system like other Disney parks. Use that whenever possible.

A look into the Arabian Coast. They pump curry scent into the air here, if you're a fan you'll want to hunt down some tandoori chicken and naan as fast as possible, if you happen to not like curry then stay away, it's not possible to escape the smell of it.

The Nautilus, the theme ship sitting outside of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It's not like that terrible one that used to be at Disney World, Florida.

One of her favorite spots was the Mermaid Lagoon, a Little Mermaid themed spot.

Going down under the sea you are in a cave with rides, a show, and a restaurant, all with the Mermaid theme.
Hooray for the gift box souvenir lunch set!

I'm not really sure what this ride is about other than I think it was guided by some sort of laser or light under each car reading a path right under the water. They took a seemingly random path with each person going off in a different direction.

Before we had to run off we also hit up Stormrider, which was a fun VR ride and Raging Spirits (has a single rider line), part of that pictures above, her first ever roller coaster that featured a loop. I made sure to not let her know that until she was on the ride, she came off yelling at how scary it was.

It was time to run now out of the park, back onto the monorail, and to our next appointment.
Cirque du Soleil's newest show, Zed.

Our seats, will need to zoom in a bit there if you care. Since no pictures or video are allowed you'll have to make due with the trailer.

All I can say is it was the most amazing Cirque show I have ever seen, and I have seen 10 of them. If you go to Disney in Tokyo make sure to see this.

Back on the monorail, by now it was getting late and the cars were empty, you'd think we'd be smart and go home instead of exhausting ourselves every more than we already had become.

It was cold, it was raining, we were tired, but we still had a ride to go on.

The Journey To the Center of the Earth. The big mountain from the picture above, the large on viable from the entire park also contained a ride. It ended up being my favorite of the day. Click the link for a detailed walk through of the entire ride.

Now it was finally time to go back to our hotel. By the time we got to Tokyo Station she could hardly walk and then when we made it to the hill outside of Hotel Edoya we both had to use everything we had to get up it. We stopped at Lawson for a late night snack (I Love Vegi!, it became a staple of my Japanese diet, after seeing the creepy Vegi Man on tv and in ads who couldn't say no?).

The we saw the futon. Then we passed out.

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